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Fruit trees and Berries 1

Gidday When we moved to Mudgee I simply couldn’t understand why they didn’t grow stone fruit and berries out here, the terrain and climate is just perfect for such species, I know because its so much like Christchurch NZ where I grew up and we had stone fruit and berries in every backyard, so I asked around. Apparently it was the case […]

To Bee Continued 0

Gidday Honey bees have been a dream of ours for a while, one would think getting your hands on them is easy, but its not really. We could have bought some locally but wanted to try to harvest some wild bees, it was never on the priority list so it go put aside over and […]

Here we are 0

Gidday Sitting here thinking about what to write has given me the oppertunity to reflect on the last few years and just how far we have come, also makes me think, had I done this sooner it would have been a great journey log. A little bit of history… We moved to SnogrocK  late October […]